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Underpinned by the values of accessibility and inclusivity, our programming framework and expertise in events curation enabled the convening of 220-plus international and multisectoral events and experiences around the most urgent priorities of our time during Expo 2020 Dubai. Designed to raise awareness and galvanise action, our thought leadership programme – titled the Programme for People and Planet – featured 2,000 voices from 142 countries, kickstarted a global community of 19,000-plus thought and action leaders and engaged 29 million people worldwide.

We continue to leverage that expertise to deliver flagship events such as International Women's Day at Expo City Dubai, which engages the public on areas critical to sustainable development; expert-led talks such as the In Conversation With series, which inspires personal and professional agency to drive change; World Majlis, a vibrant forum for diverse viewpoints on the issues of our time; and hybrid gatherings that bring together industry leaders, changemakers and civil-society actors, no matter where they are in the world.

We also work with public and private institutions looking to create purpose-led events and activities by offering our programming framework and events curation expertise in service of their strategic objectives. We are trusted by governments, corporates and NGOs to design substantive international and intersectional events that advance positive outcomes for people and planet.

Our approach

At the heart of our programming framework is our reframing of how to convene people and ideas for impact. We bring together diverse expertise and experiences around a particular theme and focus on amplifying the perspectives of youth, women and underrepresented communities to ensure that every discourse, and its outcomes, are accessible, inclusive and substantive.

Every programme we design is guided by our signature approach:

  • Practical Optimism: Focusing on how positive collaboration can unlock the world's endless potential for progress

  • Solutions-oriented: Ensuring that innovation and data-driven problem-solving shape and inform how we address every topic in our programming

  • Outcomes-led: We never design programmes and events for the sake of it. Our goal is always to enable substantive progress across awareness, action and impact

  • Value-chain Inclusive: We ensure everyone has a seat at the table of every programme we design, from policy-makers to youth, Indigenous communities, entrepreneurs, educators, grassroots innovators and more.

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