A bespoke approach to unlocking opportunities in sustainable planning

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Our City Advisory is uniquely positioned to provide a values-driven, holistic approach to addressing multifaceted challenges to sustainable development. We work with city and community leaders to create positive outcomes for people and planet by enabling them to leverage the networks gained from the delivery of the most sustainable World Expo in history, and by offering Expo City Dubai's blueprint for addressing the interconnected challenges and opportunities inherent in living environments.

Our Approach

We consider the many layers that make up a city, including: the physical, operational, experiential and programmed environments; the cultural and social context; and the virtual environment. This broad perspective is supported by our network of deep domain experts in a wide range of specialisations which enables us to provide comprehensive and holistic advice.

What we cover

We provide six distinct, yet interrelated, offerings that seek to address the myriad challenges faced by cities around the world.

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