From Expo City Dubai to the world

In service of the global mandate of Expo City Dubai, we provide the essential platforms, codified knowledge, creative expertise and strategic relationships essential for addressing the challenges of today and unlocking the opportunities of a more sustainable world

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We are sharing our blueprint for urban resilience

Purpose-built and built with purpose, Expo City Dubai is a blueprint for urban sustainability. Designated a global centre for collaborative planetary solutions, it is also a living, breathing test-bed for sustainable urban innovation. Informed by a decade’s experience conceptualising and building the City around that purpose, our City Advisory believes in sharing with the world lessons learnt from the evolution of Expo City into a sustainability-focused ecosystem.

We convene the world for impact

Underpinned by our signature pillars – Practical Optimism, Solutions-oriented, Outcomes-led and Value-chain Inclusive — our Programme for People and Planet framework for convening people and ideas from across the world has been adopted by 192 nations and endorsed by the UAE Cabinet. Our Programme & Events team leverages this framework and the partnerships, networks and know-how gained in the delivery of more than 300 international and multisector events, to deliver programme and event curation, delivery and consultancy for public and private institutions focused on advancing sustainability, inclusion and innovation.

We harness the power of storytelling to drive awareness and action on urgent global priorities

Our storytelling is powered not just by creative, technical and operational expertise, but by a commitment to putting human dignity at the heart of the stories we tell. The goal is to always drive awareness, inspire action and create sustainable impact for people and planet. During Expo 2020 Dubai, we worked with 192 nations to tell their stories on a global stage. Today, we provide end-to-end delivery, including design and fitout, of compelling storytelling projects across museums, events and exhibitions.

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