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By hosting more than 190 country pavilions and attracting over 24 million visitors, Expo 2020 Dubai delivered the largest and most inclusive World Expo in history. The event's unparalleled reach provided a unique opportunity to reimagine how to tell powerful, purpose-led stories that connect and resonate with a global audience.

Today, at Expo Dubai Group, we are delighted to be able to share what we learned from co-creating those stories and experiences with new audiences worldwide.

Our Approach

Ahead of the Expo, we worked directly with partners across countries, cultures and institutions to create stories and experiences that would enable participants to captivate and excite people from around the world during event-time. This approach shaped not just the stories we told, but how we told them, and is a methodology that underpins our activities today.

At the heart of this approach is familiarisation, co-creation, constant iteration and attention to dignity. The goal of every project is impact and authenticity. That means centring and amplifying voices and experiences that are critical to the story.

Co-creating with the world

Co-creating with you

Our Story & Experience team works closely with a wide range of partners to catalyse the full potential of stories for brands, values-led causes and institutional initiatives. We provide multinational, multidimensional storytelling expertise for ideation, design and delivery of international and specialised exhibitions, immersive experiences, curated roadshows and thematic installations.

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