Sharing hands-on expertise gained from creating the world's first purpose-built sustainable city and delivering the most inclusive World Expo in history

Expo City Dubai Knowledge Lab is anchored in the physical and intangible legacies of Expo 2020 Dubai.

In a decade, we created the world's first purpose-built sustainable city, from which we hosted the largest and most inclusive World Expo in history. More importantly, we did all of this with the world, convening and catalysing ideas and expertise from everywhere, and from across all walks of life, to create a new way of living, of creating, and of driving progress that is in harmony with our natural environment.

We continue to leverage this wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to advance Expo City Dubai as a vanguard for sustainable living, and to champion programmes that harness global collaboration in service of the priorities of our time.

Crucially, we are committed to sharing our learnings with the world. Expo City Dubai Knowledge Lab provides a platform for people from a diversity of disciplines and interests to explore first-hand everything it takes to drive progress for people and planet — from sustainable development to storytelling, using Expo City Dubai as a real-world case study.

Our Approach

Expo City Dubai Knowledge Lab offers in-depth in-person or virtual trainings, workshops and seminars. These are facilitated by subject-matter experts with extensive experience of game-changing projects, including at Expo City Dubai. We currently offer the following courses, designed around evidence-led approaches tested and proven at Expo City Dubai:

  • Foundations of a Sustainable City

  • Social Value Creation

  • Delivering a World-Class Exhibition

  • Public Engagement

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