Conversations with visionaries

Eight billion humans. Only one Planet Earth. How can we work together to secure a safer and healthier future for our planet – and for each other? In this Programme for People and Planet podcast series, changemakers and innovators from all walks of life chart a path forward to a more sustainable world.

Global Goals

Trailer: People and Planet Podcast

Introduction to the People and Planet Podcast

The Most Essential: Water

Pakistan's Fariel Salahuddin is working with rural communities to address their water challenges and unlock new economic opportunities

The Ecology of Dignity

Cherrie Atilano, founder of Agrea, a mission-driven farmer-first business in the Philippines, discusses the importance of valuing the world's food producers

Windows to the soul

Noura Al-Neyadi's passion for using powerful imagery to tell people's stories with respect and dignity has taken her to every corner of the planet

Championing a Livable Future

Nisreen ElSaim, chair of UN Secretary General's Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change, on the importance of young people playing a leading role in shaping our response to climate change and salvaging the future of our planet.

Creating Change through Storytelling

Yusuf Omar has made it his life’s mission to promote storytelling as a vehicle for change, and to mobilize communities across the globe to shape their own narrative. Here, he discusses the vital role of storytelling in inspiring collective action.

The Power of Digital Accessibility

Richard Thanki, an economist, computer scientist and a child of refugees from Uganda, on his connection to the topic of connectivity for all, and his firm belief that the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.

Beyond the Classroom

At 15, Judit Polgar became the youngest Grandmaster in chess. Here, she talks about her achievements, the responsibility she has embraced through playing chess, and why she believes that the black and white checkered board is a great place for learning.

Inclusive Cities

Kennedy Odede grew up in Kenya's Kibera, where he experienced first-hand the realities of life in extreme poverty. Today he is a renowned community organizer and social entrepreneur. Kennedy's life is answer to the question: What does my community need?

Reaching for the Stars

Growing up in 1970s London, Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock always felt like she didn’t fit in. Space became her escape. Today, she is one of UK's leading space scientists and educators. For her, space exploration can help shape a fairer, more sustainable world.